Rebreathers....A whole new dimension in diving, offering the ultimate in gas-efficient 'no bubbles' diving for both recreational and technical divers. By recycling exhaled gas, rebreathers are a super-efficient gas management apparatus that use just a fraction of the gas used by conventional open circuit divers.

At GDAT we offer Rebreather training programs that allow you to develop your skills and knowledge of Rebreather diving in a safe, progressive and controlled manner under the direct supervision of your Rebreather instructor.

Building upon your diving knowledge and skills, you'll learn the benefits of Rebreather diving and develop your dive skills to competently prepare and maintain a Rebreather and to safely plan and conduct Rebreather dives.


The Closed Circuit Rebreather Diver program trains the diver in theory and practical skills necessary to safely dive using a closed circuit rebreather in the Advanced Nitrox range. You will learn how to strip down, prepare and check the rebreather and how to conduct pre dive safety procedures before each dive and then develop your skills from confined to open water using a closed circuit rebreather.

GDAT,s instructors are qualified to use and teach on the AP inspiration, evolution and the Innerspace systems Megalodon.