Overhead Environment

Overhead environments all have one thing in common - whether you're deep within the confines of a shipwreck, in caves or caverns, direct ascent to the surface is not an option. Discover a new dimension in diving by learning to safely and competently explore these mysterious environments...

Overhead environment training programs allow you to develop your skills and knowledge of OHE diving in a safe, progressive and controlled manner under the direct supervision of your Instructor.

Building upon your existing knowledge and skills, you'll learn the benefits and hazards of diving in an overhead environment and develop your dive skills to safely and competently plan and conduct dives in such an environment.


Wreck Diver speciality is designed to train the diver in the equipment, skills and procedures required to safely and competently dive in the overhead environment of a wreck. The Wreck Diver program trains the diver in the basic skills needed to safely dive in an overhead environment.

The main focus points of the program include equipment configuration, line drills and use of line reels and developing self sufficiency and safety through skills development.