Global Dive Adventures and Training (GDAT) We have been at the leading edge of diver training in Asia since 2009 when GDAT was first formed by experienced instructors who have been teaching since 1996. Our Instructors were some of the first in Asia to become Tech Instructors and heavily involved with mixed gas diving and stations. We offer a complete range of training courses from Open Water Diver through to CCR and Mixed Gases. Overhead environment diving and training along with outstanding Liveaboard and expedition trips. Our instructors represent some of the very best technical divers and educators throughout Asia who ensure every student is equipped with skills and knowledge to be a safe and responsible diver. Welcome to GDAT

Aaron Gillespie

Aaron Gillespie, Born in New Zealand first tried breathing from a scuba unit and at the age of 9 and at 12 was diving on a regular basis.
In 1996 Aaron became a PADI Open Water Instructor and Technical diving Instructor for International Association of Nitrox and Technical Diving (IANTD) and PSAI enabling him to teach both recreational and technical diving.
With an interest in Technical diving and specializing in Deep air and mixed gas (Trimix) diving, together with John Bennett set the first South East Asian deep dive record on open circuit to 122 meters in the Philippines. John Bennett continued to become the deepest man ever on Open circuit while Aaron continued to support and undertake further diving specialty areas such as cave and Rebreather diving.
PADI Dive Credentials
IDC Staff Instructor 97872
EFR Instructor
MSDT Specialty courses Instructor
Deep                                         Wreck
Digital Underwater Photography   Enriched Air
Drift dive                                    Project AWARE
Night dive                                   Peak Performance Buoyancy
Care for Children w/AED              Search and Recovery
IANTD Instructor Credentials
EANx and Advanced EANx Instructor
EANx Blending Instructor
Technical Instructor Supervisor
Trimix Supervisor
CCR Instructor
PSAI Instructor Credentials
Open water through to Extended Range Nitrox
Rebreather (CCR) Diver
DPV Instructor
Advanced wreck/Overhead environment Instructor
Trimix I & II Instructor
CCR Instructor

Instructor−Ian Goff

Ian is an international school-teacher (Economics and Business) and a PADI and IANTD technical instructor.
Originally from the UK Ian is based in Hong Kong and travels around Asia Instructing.
Ian is also a keen diver who regularly spends time diving on both open circuit and closed circuit Rebreathers up to Trimix levels.
Ian has been teaching and organizing school dive courses and adventure travel trips within Hong Kong and to the Philippines, Nepal, China and Thailand since 1997.
PADI Dive Credentials
Openwater Scuba Instructor

Instructor Enya Ma

Chinese Instructor Enya has been diving since 2010 where she took to diving like a duck to water.
Preferring warm topical waters in the shallows for photography Enya has been moving into the Technical diving realm diving deep walls and wrecks. Always keen to dive regardless of the time or weather Enya has a hungry appetite for night dives.
PADI Dive Credentials
Openwater Scuba Instructor
EFR Instructor